Flowers Buying Guide

When Should You Buy Her Flowers?

Special occasions like a birthday, wedding anniversary, anniversary of your first date, or any simple date night. 

Random occasions. Be spontaneous and mix it up. It’s great to be unpredictable and give her a nice surprise.

To say ‘I’m sorry’. Own up to whatever she thinks you did wrong and get back in her good graces.

We know you think flowers are pointless, but the point is that she will love them and you will be the beneficiary.

What type of Flowers to Get Her:

Consider the likes and dislikes of the recipient. Would she like a bouquet of flowers or an arrangement? Does she have a favorite type of flower? 

Roses are always a solid choice, but can also have different meanings if chosen by color for their specific sentiment.

  • Red – Love & Romance
  • Yellow – Friendship
  • White – Innocence & Purity
  • Pink – Grace, Gratitude, Joy & Admiration
  • Orange – Enthusiasm & Passion

If you have given her red roses the last few years, you can surely mix it up a bit.  You could stay with roses, but try a new color, such as orange. Or you could stick with the color red and choose another flower. Red tulips make a great choice.

Another option is to mix roses or tulips with other flowers, which can add new layers of meaning to your bouquet. For example, asters are a love flower, though far less famous than the rose.

If you are not quite a couple, your best bet is a mixed bouquet. A few red roses mixed in will let her know that you are interested without overdoing it.  An orchid will also be much appreciated.

Good luck!

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