Lingerie Buying Guide


Whether it is your wife or girlfriend, be sure that you shop for something that suits their style and tastes. Sure, you might want to try something different, but do not make her feel uncomfortable by buying something that does not fit her personality.

Does she always wear black or prefer lighter colors or bright shades? Are her panties full briefs or shorts, or does she prefer a thong? Are her bras pretty and lacy or a little more modern and unusual? There’s nothing to stop you buying her something different, but don’t stray too far from her basic preferences. 

In a pinch, wait until she is gone and take a look inside her lingerie drawer to get an idea of her likes and, perhaps, dislikes.


You will need to have at least some idea of her size. There are plenty of options for every shape and size, so don’t worry about the selection. If you do not know her size (most men do not) check out her lingerie drawer or closet. Her bras, dresses, and other garments all have sizing labels If you do not know the size, opt for something less form-fitting like a teddy, camisole, or gown. Here’s a handy conversion chart that works for general sizes:

Sizes 4-6 = Small
Sizes 8-10 = Medium
Sizes 12-14 = Large
Sizes 16 = X-large


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