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Summer Essentials
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Just what you need to get through the summer.

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Quick drying after that dip in the pool.  Both a side seam pocket with velcro hold and inside mesh pocket to hold your essentials.mhs-dude
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These shorts will fit great and are super comfortable in any situation.  They are the most stylish cargo shorts out there.mhs-dude
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Warm, yet cool and thick enough to not show off your junk. These pajama shorts will no doubt be your go to sleeping attire.mhs-dude
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Great look and feel for the gym or just hanging out.  The Dri-FIT fabric wicks sweat away and keeps you dry and comfortable.mhs-dude
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$75.00 $69.98
Stan Smith's are comfortable, look good in shorts, jeans, chinos or even a suit (if that is your look), and they never go out of style.mhs-dude
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These no-show socks fit great and they will not slip off your heel like most no-show socks.mhs-dude