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Quarantine Essentials
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Here are the essentials you need when working from home.

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$99.99 $69.99
The craftsmanship is great and it is very sturdy. You will love the pouring feature and the glasses that come with it are nice and heavy.mhs-dude
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Drink in style with these awesome round cubes! mhs-dude
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The smell is AMAZING! You will love all of the products and the cigar box, it’s awesome.mhs-dude
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$199.99 $169.99
This razor will give you an amazingly close and smooth shave with no nicks. The charger and cleaning system, all-in-one, is also superb.  mhs-dude
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The perfect addition to your office. Take this mini Keurig with you wherever you go!mhs-dude
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The craftsmanship of the products are top notch. Just a beautiful set and everything fits into the stand as advertised.mhs-dude