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How old are those boxers you are wearing?  Do they have holes?  Maybe it’s time for some new underwear!

$26.00 $23.00

Why it iscertified:

These boxer briefs keep everything cool and comfortable – your boys will stay in place no matter how much you move around.

$39.50 $28.99

Why it iscertified:

You can’t go wrong with these classic TH boxers – super comfortable for lounging around.



Why it iscertified:

The BallPark Pouch reduces friction and keeps your man-parts in place.


Why it iscertified:

The quick dry moisture wicking will keep you cool and dry. The breathable fly free mesh contour pouch provides the ultimate in comfort.


Why it iscertified:

Three words… QUICK,DRAW,FLY.  Easy access when you need it most. Total comfort. No pinching. No bunching. No riding up.